“New” ElevatedWaves Publishing Author NeeNee Marie, unveils her “Tears of A Hummingbird” Book Cover on her 29th Birthday to close friends and loved ones.

Please help us welcome Author NeeNee to ElevatedWaves Publishing Corp., “Where Positivity and Creativity Breathes,” and help us congratulate her on her new book “Tears of A Hummingbird” set to release this coming summer.

Congrats NeeNee and thank you for choosing ElevatedWaves. We wish you an abundance of success in your career as a story teller. We are excited to have you. 

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis’ Champagne Toast & Video Premier

Cleveland Author Jameel Davis is set to take us behind the scenes of his visual creation process for Chapter Three (Generation Curses) of his upcoming book “Completely Naked” on his 31st Birthday —Friday August 21, 2020 — with a Video Premier.

You are cordially invited to attend the visual and join us for a Champagne Toast in honor of his birthday. 

Warning: The videos that will be shown during this premiere contains very heavy and sensitive content. Scenes may be gruesome and not appropriated for children or adults who are easily triggered at the site of blood, open wounds, pain, and suffering.

Registration is Free & Limited to the first 40 guests. Visit the link to register. Please note that REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for entry. You will not be permitted into the event without proper registration on eventbrite. 

Casual Attire Recommended.

Face mask REQUIRED (to Prevent to the Spread of COVID-19)

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Catch Behind the Scenes of “Completely Naked” Book Creation Process!!

“Completely Naked” Visuals Are Underway.


We are Excited to announce we have begun the visual creation process for Jameel Davis’s forth anticipated book titled, “Completely Naked,” which is set to release on all major book platforms, including Audible and iTunes in 2021.

Completed Naked is a look at Jameel tearing off years of Duct Tape that was suffocating his emotions — deteriorating his mind, body and spirit, preventing him from discovering himself and having a voice. Duct Tape he was pressured to put on by society.  This book is for that scared little boy and adult man who feels lost and all alone, and who needs a good shoulder to lean on. 

Fasten your seatbelt as he take you on a long, mind-blowing adventure on the non-magic school bus through his mind, veins, nervous system, beneath his layers of skin, tendons, and muscles, undressing his complete skeletal system. On this journey, you will discover parts of him and even parts of yourself that many people—especially men–keep locked away. If exposed, it could possibly lead to a life of public humiliation and embarrassment, which could possibly make you feel less of yourself if your truth ever got out. This gut-wrenching unmagical adventure is Intense, Sensitive, Uncomfortable, Amusing, and Unforgettable. It’s a journey for those who are brave. 

Hold On Tight!

Davis says, “I am very proud of myself for not only writing one of the biggest projects of my writing career, but for bringing out my vision for the project.” Davis welcomes you into his creative space, as he work to bring this project to life. 

Please direct your attention to the photos and the video links provided below. After viewing, we would love to hear your thoughts via video. Please send us your video response to

Click the Picture Above and Follow me behind the scenes of Completely Naked photoshoot for Chapter 3: Generational Curses, PTSD & The Pain My Family Caused Me with Kevin Conwell Jr., featuring upcoming Author of Tears of A Hummingbird, Author NeeNee Marie

Video: Jameel Davis 
Costume Design: Jameel Davis
Vision: Jameel Davis 
Creative Director: Kevin Conwell Jr.
Photographer: Kevin Conwell Jr., Author NeeNee Marie 
Music: Celie Shaves Mr. Scarification Ceremony & Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Somethin’ (From the Color Purple)

Can You Love Me Naked? 

Click the Picture Above and Check out behind the scenes of EbonyjMUA getting me ready for my photo-shoot with Verdi Photography & Sound Design L.L.C.
Video: Jameel Davis Music: Ella Mai – Naked 
Photographs: Rudegraphy

Click the Picture Above and Check out Behind the Scenes of Completely Naked Front Book Cover Photoshoot with Brain Verdi of Verdi Photography & Sound Design L.L.C.Kevin Conwell jrTiffany Walker, Nolan Nelson, & Author NeeNee Marie

Video: Shot by Author NeeNeeMarie & Jameel Davis, Edited by Jameel Davis. 
Music: Wale feat. 6Black –  Expectations

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