On Friday September 27, 2019, North Olmsted Middle School welcomed Cleveland-Based Author, Jameel Davis to close out their 8th graders Social and Emotional Learning Day. Davis, ended the school day with his amazing “Elevating Mindsets Through Social & Emotional Learning” presentation.

North Olmsted Middle School’s objective for the day was to immerse students in Social and Emotional Learning, so that they could begin to understand and manage their emotions, set goals for life and learning, show greater empathy for and understanding others, establish positive relationships in and outside of school, and gain the capacity to make responsible decisions throughout their lives.

Author Jameel Davis, delivered his phenomenal and engaging presentation around the following social and emotional learning competencies; Self-awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. He took the young scholars by storm with his very captivating Spoken Word, “I Don’t Deserve To Be Shot Down”, which was in relation to the Social Awareness competency; the ability to consider diverse perspectives of and empathize with others, including from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Please see video recorded by one of the 8th grade students. His poem is not featured in the video. View Video Here.

Upon conclusion of his presentation, the 8th graders rushed the stage in the schools’ Performing Arts Center for photographs and autographs with Jameel Davis. Students gathered in the schools’ community rooms for a day of reflection and Jameel Davis, surprised them by joining them in the room. When he arrived, students rushed over to him, which lead to a mini Q&A session, followed by a rush for autographs. Students were seen running through the halls gathering their friends. The author endorsed items that ranged from cellphone cases, lunch boxes, hats, hoodies, ID Card cases, books, stickers, shoes, T-shirts and more.

The 8th graders at North Olmsted absolutely love him and the teaches and staff, are thrilled at their students response to Jameel Davis. Students are now advocating for him to come back soon to conduct a book signing event at their school for his books, How Success Became My Focus, Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself, and the Self-Discovery Workbook that goes along with it.

Davis’ goal prior to the deliverance of his presentation was to inspire students to reach greater heights within themselves and in the world, so that they can rise up and shine for all of the world to see, and so that those who will come after them can be inspired. I believe Author Jameel Davis, did just that.

Davis is pictured here eating lunch with several 8th graders prior to his presentation

Davis is pictured here preparing to sign autographs for 8th graders after his presentation

Davis, is looking to bring his Elevating Mindsets Through Social and Emotional Learning presentation to your school, along with a book signing event for your deserving scholars. If you are interested in having Author Jameel Davis appear at your school, please contact him at jdavi122@kent.edu.

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