Jameel Davis’ first book “How Success Became My Focus” is an inspirational autobiography that will motivate and encourage.

New book “How Success Became My Focus” from “ElevatedWaves Publishing” author Jameel Davis is a look at overcoming the obstacles that keep others from achieving their dreams.

Davis avoided many of the pitfalls that claim urban youths born to young mothers in communities that are plagued by high violence and high poverty in Cleveland, Ohio and has completed the 2nd edition of “How Success Became My Focus”: a gripping and potent story of shedding negative influences, hurdling obstacles and achieving personal success.

“Looking back over the years of my life, I have experienced many phases of failure and success. Those experiences have helped me become a wonderful individual, father, motivational speaker, role model, mentor, businessman, family man, a leader and now an author,” Davis said. “Many obstacles stand in the path of our journey to success. Our desire and faith allows us to avoid some. Imagination, determination, dedication and persistence, along with desire and faith, allows us to get through the rest and reach our destination.”

Originally Published (1st edition) on January 14, 2015 by New York City-based Page Publishing, Davis’ poignant tale outlines how he dodged the negative influences that gave him little hope for success and excelled in the poor educational programs provided by the Cleveland public schools. From there, he went on and flourished in a higher learning program that most individuals in poverty-dominated environments never get the chance to experience. 

With enthusiasm, Davis will stir your passion and divert your energies toward determination as he shares his success story. He overcame his struggles and emerged from being an ordinary student to a successful and respectable individual. Despite life’s pitfalls, Davis conquered it all with sheer determination.

“Something I have been meaning to do for quite sometime has finally happened. I have taken my rights back from the original publisher who published How Success Became My Focus and have re-published it under my very own publishing company, ElevatedWaves Publishing Corp.”

Thanks to a good friend of mine, Tonisha M. Glover and the lead she created with our Alma mater Kent State University, I was able to make the transition. All of the royalties for “How Success Became My Focus” will come directly to our company. Something big is about to happen with my book, How Success Became My Focus, and ElevatedWaves Publishing needs to be all over it. Not the previous publisher who played no part in the advancement of career as an author.


Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “How Success Became My Focus” at bookstores everywhere.

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