Author, Media & Communications Guru, Mr. Henry Ford invited young author Jaheir Davis, son of author Jameel Davis to sign copies of his book “Oh Yeah!! Let’s Write” during his 46th Family Reunion at the DoubleTree Hotel in Cleveland, Oh on Friday August 2, 2019.

With his Dad away on vacation in Toronto Canada, and with the help of his Grandmother, Louise Davis and Jameel’s executive assistant Jessica Bacon and her daughter Journei, Jaheir sold out of his books at the event. One of his strong supporters, a generous woman pictured in the first photo on this article, purchased eight copies from Jaheir.

Henry Ford, “Jessica – You and the crew set the stage for a fantastic weekend. The family has not stopped talking about the experience, and I pray they always remember. Be assured that you changed lives on August 2nd.”

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Jaheir’s book or booking him for your event, you may do so by visiting the links below.



Thank you, Hansie Solomon & the Ford-Bryson Family for having our author Jaheir Davis apart of a memorable event for your family. We look forward to working and celebrating with you all again in the future.

Photos provided by Henry Ford, Jessica Bacon and Louise Davis.

4 thoughts on “7 Year old Author of “Oh Yeah!! Let’s Write,” Jaheir Davis sells out at Hansie Solomon, Ford-Bryson 46th Family Reunion in Cleveland, Ohio.

  1. Jameel – I am so slow that I am just seeing this. Thanks so much for loaning us your awesome son Jaheir, and the “staff” that accompanied him. Together they set a positive tone for our reunion, and changed the lives of those who were blessed to be in attendance, and impacted even ones who were not. Congratulations and Best Wishes for even more massive success.


    1. Mr. Ford, thank you for taking the time out to read this short write up from your big event. Also, thank you for providing some of the photographs pictured above.I really wish I could have been there. I prepared my crew and Jaheir for your event and I am happy they exceeded your expectations and connected well with you family. I have received his payment and will have him deposit it into his account. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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      1. Indeed we will have to do something comparable (or even greater) in the future. I have finally “become famous” (LOL) thanks to you Jaheir, and his “staff.”


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