Our chosen book cover model will be offered a free photo-shoot, a one page ad space within the book to include her bio or business ad. She will be featured on and within thousands of print and digital copies of the book, banners, flyers and other media related materials with the author. She will be presented an autographed copy of the book and two tickets to the author’s book release and birthday celebration event.

About In Between These Sheets:

— Some of our best moments, conversations and dreams are developed in between the sheets of our bed. In fact, many of us were created there with the help of Teddy Pendergrass, “Turn Off The Lights,” Marvin Gaye, “Sexual Healing,” the Isley Brothers, “Between The Sheets” and many others. However, in In Between These Sheets by Cleveland Author Jameel Davis, you will discover a unique collection of words and phrases strung together in the form of poetry, both motivational and inspirational messages, and stories that will affect and appeal to you in a personal and emotional way.

In Between These Sheets is dedicated to helping you create mindgasms with the option of removing any or all articles of your clothing, while expanding your awareness on many of the things that are deliberately kept in the dark. After coming from In Between These Sheets, you shall be ready to reach greater climaxes within yourself and in the world.

So, grab your wine, slide in between your sheets and allow the words from these pages take your mind and body to a whole new place.

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