Jameel shared the importance of literacy, self ownership and more. Jameel also conducted a book signing for his book Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself and the workbook that goes along with it for nearly thirty 8th grade scholars.


“I was chosen by the creator of all beings to develop knowledge of self, take control of self, to rid negative tendencies from my subconscious mind, to be magnanimous, and to become a mature, successful, educated and responsible adult.

‘One of the keys to becoming great is giving your all to you, unveiling new layers of you, and helping you become better. Walk in purpose, walk in dignity, walk with love and love every part of you.’


Please note, greatness isn’t just about what you have achieved for yourself, but those whom you have inspired and have helped become better. So allow your pot to boil over to unthaw the iceberg that’s keeping people trapped from becoming their greater self.

Mission is > self

I have given the 8th Graders at Hope Academy Northcoast, the tools needed for self-development and ownership. I have challenged them to go on and make their mark somewhere in this universe and to not forget to bring “Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself With Them.”

“On Your Mark! Get Set! Goooo Be Great,” Jameel said before he left the students Thursday afternoon.

Check out some featured photos from the event.

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Upcoming Events

Mia Flowers, Ph.D, former guidance counselor at Cleveland South High School, where our very own author Jameel Davis graduated 3rd in his class and earned his high school diploma with honors in 2008, is Campus International High School’s guidance counselor. Flowers was able to get Davis on the school’s calendar this spring, after Davis’s long term friend and colleague, also Cleveland State University’s Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, College Credit Plus/ Academic Advisor suggested him to make an appearance at the high school.

Davis is set to appear on Thursday April 11, 2019 to speak with students and to possibly conduct a book signing for students. More details will be announced at a later date in regards to him being able to conduct the signing.




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