EXCERPT FROM In Between These Sheets 📖 coming August 2019:


Within your approach, if you believe all of me will be deposited into you within a short period of time think again, because it’s not going to happen. This doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in you, it means that great things are secured with time, effort, dedication and persistence. Like a business, we can’t be built without a foundation and a foundation can’t be built overnight. Especially under extreme weather conditions.

This also doesn’t mean that I expect to get your complete investment within the first 48 hours. Because I have to invest time and effort into you as well; not only to prove myself worthy, but to understand each of your layers that makes you, you and to secure the right pieces back in your perfect 25,000 piece puzzle.

So instant gratification and success is not my plan; I’m not looking to win your jackpot with luck and you shouldn’t look to secure mine with one lucky spin, but through the hard-way, with efforts of sustaining our existence, while maximizing our potential and successes as a unit. Think Longevity.

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