On the morning of Tuesday August 21, 2018, on our very own author’s 29th birthday, one of Canada’s premier publishing and communications companies, KYA Publishing reached out to us inviting our author to join the Board of Directors for the Toronto Urban Book Expo. What a great way to kickoff a birthday right?

Just three weeks prior, The 5th Annual Toronto Urban Expo was held at the Parkdale Branch Library, welcoming over forty talented writers from Canada and the United States. One of those exhibitors was, 5th Annual Toronto Urban Book Expo host and Toronto Carnival Retreat Event Coordinator, Jameel Davis.

“As you know, 2018 marked our 5th year holding this event, and we want to ensure that it continues to grow, and continues to be a progressive and beneficial event for all who are involved,” said Kya Publishing founder in her invitation letter.

We reached out to Jameel after his birthday and informed him of this exciting news. Here is his response to KYA Publishing:

“I would like to thank you for the formal invitation for me to join the Board of Directors for the Toronto Urban Book Expo.

After careful consideration, I accept my role as the “International Communication/Liaison” and am committed to carrying out the required duties throughout my term, while celebrating writers, celebrating culture and executing a fun, safe, progressive and beneficial literacy exposition for all who are involved.”

Plans are currently underway for a series of Black History Month events, the 2019 Toronto Carnival Retreat and the 2020 Toronto Urban Book Expo.

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