Recent Shoreview Elementary School Kindergarten Graduate, Jaheir Davis publishes his first writing journal with the help of dad Jameel Davis, that encourages young children to begin writing and to promote literacy in the home, at school and in the community,

Oh Yeah!!! Let’s Write.”

OH YEAH!! LET’S WRITE, is filled with kid friendly illustrations that is sure to make writing fun for your little ones.

Jaheir’s journal is now available on Amazon, for $10.00

Thank you for your contribution. Have fun writing with your children.

For Media Inquiries and Bookings, Email Jameel Davis at

2 thoughts on “6 year old publishes his very own writing journal, “Oh Yeah!!! Let’s Write”

    1. Hi Tan, we are excited that you find our latest children’s journal appealing. Here in Cleveland, OH and other parts of the United States, many of our young people have difficultly passing their 3rd Grade Exam because of literacy. With this creative writing journal, we aim to assist our younger children in being more open to writing and reading, so when test time approaches, they aren’t feeling defeated. Thank you for your comment, we look forward to learning more about you in the near future. Have a great weekend.

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