Cleveland Police Sergeant Vincent Montague was one of several panelists at the 3rd annual Teen Summit presented by Star Makers LLC. The Summit was held earlier Today May 11, 2018 at John Adams High School in Cleveland, OH, to encourage youth to decrease the violence in their community and to increase the peace. The Summit featured guest speakers and live entertainment from people such as HipHop artists E’Javien Franklin and Hannah Lurry.

Host and organizer, Dennis Cash asked Sgt. Montague to introduce himself to the student body and to speak on his position with the Cleveland Police Department. While describing the role of a police officer and his position as Sgt., he asked if anyone has ever had a positive experience with Police? No one raised their hand except, Jameel Davis. Sgt. Montague then called on Davis to come to the stage to share his positive experiences with Police. Many of the students and staff members were already familiar with the talented speaker and author from his previous captivating performances and involvement in the school, so they knew they were in for another treat.

Davis shared his position as a correctional officer with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department, what new inmates could expect when they are brought in by police officers, how officers play a vital part in keeping him and the community safe, as well as the importance of doing right by each other and being productive citizens to avoid negative experiences with police officers.

During intermission, Sgt. Montague found Davis in the back of the room, where he was signing copies of his books & journals and purchased a copy of Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself for him and his wife to enjoy.

On behalf of ElevatedWaves Publishing Corp. Jameel Davis and Family, we would like to thank Sgt. Montague for his contributions to the Cleveland Community and Beyond. We also would like to thank Dennis Cash and John Adams High School for putting on the Teen Summit.

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